Wondering if you still have time for one more phone call before catching your bus? Busview is a Java applet that runs on your computer. It tracks buses throughout King County and displays bus positions on a map in real time. Now you can sit comfortably in your home or office and make that phone call while waiting for your bus - without worrying about where your bus is. Busview helps make travel less stressful.

This page should automatically launch Busview for you. If a separate frame like the image below does not appear when the applet is launched, check the System Requirements below.

System Requirements:

Below are the browser requirements for running Busview. Irrespective of browser, screen resolutions down to 640x480 are supported, but 1024x768 is the minimum recommended.

(Updated 9-16-2003)

Busview requires both a browser and a Java virtual machine. Busview works properly with either the Sun or Microsoft VM. However, Microsoft will be discontinuing support for their VM, starting Jan. 2004. For this reason, we rec ommend using the Sun Java Plug-in (currently version 1.4.2).
NOTE: There are issues with Busview not working properly with the Sun Java plug-in version 1.3. The symptom is that the applet will seem to start, the map will be displayed, but no data will be received. If this occurs, try upgrading the Java plug-in (to 1.4.x).